Obedience or Rebellion?

How English Poet John Donne used powerful and striking analogies to protest against the world of ridicule that he found himself within. (links to referenced poems/writings at the end of this post) The various poems of John Donne are peculiar and strange compared to many of the works of his contemporaries. While writers like ChristopherContinue reading “Obedience or Rebellion?”

A Report on Ben Witherington III’s ‘What Have They Done With Jesus?’

Bible Scholar and New Testament Professor Ben Witherington III’s perspective on Jesus Christ through the lens of his early and late followers, the various Gospels, and even controversial manuscripts like the Gospel of Thomas. In the introduction, Dr. Wintherington III lays out in detail the purpose of his book, following the title and subtitle accurately.Continue reading “A Report on Ben Witherington III’s ‘What Have They Done With Jesus?’”

The Salem Witch Trials

How superstitions, lack of scientific knowledge, grudges, fear, and the rule of law led to one of the most well-known events of Colonial America. In the centuries since the Salem Witch Trials occurred, various ideas and beliefs have been spouted about why exactly it happened. The event seemed to grow and develop as part ofContinue reading “The Salem Witch Trials”