The Dichotomy of Marriage

Exploring the perspective offered by Kate Chopin in her 1894 work, “The Story of An Hour” through the eyes of Mrs. Louise Mallard. At the start we find out that Mrs. Mallard has just received the news that her husband has died in a railroad accident. Now, one would assume that the story would continueContinue reading “The Dichotomy of Marriage”

A Balance of Pride

How pride can affect us in life and how we need to keep control over it. What is on my mind a lot this week is the idea of pride and how it influences our lives. In a story I’m reading right now, a main obstacle for the main character is the pride of thoseContinue reading “A Balance of Pride”

Freedom’s Tales

Two short and connected fables centered on the realm of nature and rule of law as spoken of by John Locke and William Wilberforce. Short Story #1- on Locke’s ‘Second Treatise on Government’ “Men being by Nature, all free, equal and independent…The only way whereby anyone devests himself of his Natural Liberty, and puts onContinue reading “Freedom’s Tales”