The Chaos of the World

My thoughts on the problems that can be created and caused by humanity. I wasn’t quite sure what I should write for my post today, what with the situation of the world right now. I don’t feel confident enough to talk about the events occurring in Ukraine right now, but I also don’t want toContinue reading “The Chaos of the World”

The Language Barrier

Exploring how language have evolved over time, creating walls between different people across the globe. Language is a really interesting thing when you think about it, yet it is something we often take for granted or don’t notice really until we come face to face with a foreign or older way of speech or tongue.Continue reading “The Language Barrier”

The Superhero Phenomenon

Exploring the popularity of this archetype and the profound affect it has on us. Ever since I was a little kid, I was crazy into superheroes. I was absolutely obsessed with Power Rangers, watching every season I could find and rewatching my favorite episodes and scenes again and again and again. Even now as anContinue reading “The Superhero Phenomenon”

The Duality of God

An exploration in the views and perspectives that religious people have of God. What is on my mind today is the nature of God. Something interesting that I have noticed over the past year or so is that I often see Christians speaking and talking about Christ- His power, His life, His sacrifice, and HisContinue reading “The Duality of God”