The Allure of Reading

The different reasons as to why we are drawn to reading and writing and the pattern that has been seen throughout the centuries, especially in regards to women. “Women, of every age, of every condition, contract and retain a taste fornovels […T]he depravity is universal. My sight is every-where offended bythese foolish, yet dangerous, books.Continue reading “The Allure of Reading”

My Response to Jan Kott’s Essay ‘From Titania to the Ass’s Head’

A deeper look into what well-known critics have said about Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’; specifically the Freudian connections that Jan Kott connects to the play itself. I have to admit that Jan Kott’s essay on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ was not what I expected to read when I went to understand all theContinue reading “My Response to Jan Kott’s Essay ‘From Titania to the Ass’s Head’”

A Truly Steadfast and Moral Man

My thoughts on the characterization of William Wilberforce in the 2006 movie, ‘Amazing Grace’. Something interesting that I noticed in the movie’s portrayal was the mixture of extremes in British society with the members of parliament partying, drinking, going to plays and comedies, and wearing lavish outfits. While here is William Wilberforce at the startContinue reading “A Truly Steadfast and Moral Man”

The Sacrifice of A Treasured Son

Religious connections and ideas referenced in The Road, a post-apocalyptic book written by Cormac McCarthy that show the inevitable’s of destiny. Quote from Joseph Campbell’s Epilogue It has been customary to describe the seasonal festivities of so-called native peoples as efforts to control nature. This is a misrepresentation. There is much of the will toContinue reading “The Sacrifice of A Treasured Son”

A Rush of Inspiration

An exploration into one of the most incredible parts of being a writer or creator through the lens of religion. Art is something that draws on the human experience in a way that cannot be properly described. Humans have been obsessed with creating things since their very beginning, putting their energy and emotions into essentiallyContinue reading “A Rush of Inspiration”