Little Known Songs

Some beautiful hymns that I dearly love and listen to often, yet rarely hear mention of. Every since I was a child, I have adored singing hymns at church. I have distinct memories of me sitting in my seat on Sunday, hunched over the hymnbook as I mouthed line after line of my favorite hymnsContinue reading “Little Known Songs”

The Pull of Nostalgia

Pondering on just why nostalgia exists and how it is so strong in our lives. Nostalgia is an idea and mood that is often referenced in our lives as we grow older, but rarely do we actually stop and ponder the word itself. Just what is Nostalgia and why is it so prevalent in ourContinue reading “The Pull of Nostalgia”

The Power of One

Looking at just how much an outcome and conclusion can change due to the actions of one single person. I just recently read a story where the main character was born into a world knowing everything that would happen in the future regarding individual lives and world events- included in that was the knowledge ofContinue reading “The Power of One”