The Pull of Nostalgia

Pondering on just why nostalgia exists and how it is so strong in our lives. Nostalgia is an idea and mood that is often referenced in our lives as we grow older, but rarely do we actually stop and ponder the word itself. Just what is Nostalgia and why is it so prevalent in ourContinue reading “The Pull of Nostalgia”

All Things in Moderation

The importance of balance within our own world and within our own minds. Something occurred to me today that I haven’t truly thought about personally in a long time: the influence that the media you consume can have on your state of mind and attitude. This remembrance was like an epiphany for me when itContinue reading “All Things in Moderation”

What Stands At Our Core

Wonderings on the various things that make up each of us, that encapsulate the life’s we choose to live. How well do we take care of ourselves? Life is a chaotic and crazy mess of obligations and goals, major and minor, every single day. We often find ourselves going and going from place to placeContinue reading “What Stands At Our Core”