Little Known Songs

Some beautiful hymns that I dearly love and listen to often, yet rarely hear mention of. Every since I was a child, I have adored singing hymns at church. I have distinct memories of me sitting in my seat on Sunday, hunched over the hymnbook as I mouthed line after line of my favorite hymnsContinue reading “Little Known Songs”

A Story on Repentance

Contained in this post is a story told in a Religious Devotional back in 2018. I was in the audience during this Devotional and was profoundly affected by the story, the message having stayed strong in my mind since as it completely changed my understanding on the process of repentance. ‘Jesus Christ, Our Great Deliverer’Continue reading “A Story on Repentance”

A Rush of Inspiration

An exploration into one of the most incredible parts of being a writer or creator through the lens of religion. Art is something that draws on the human experience in a way that cannot be properly described. Humans have been obsessed with creating things since their very beginning, putting their energy and emotions into essentiallyContinue reading “A Rush of Inspiration”

The Duality of God

An exploration in the views and perspectives that religious people have of God. What is on my mind today is the nature of God. Something interesting that I have noticed over the past year or so is that I often see Christians speaking and talking about Christ- His power, His life, His sacrifice, and HisContinue reading “The Duality of God”