The Dichotomy of Marriage

Exploring the perspective offered by Kate Chopin in her 1894 work, “The Story of An Hour” through the eyes of Mrs. Louise Mallard. At the start we find out that Mrs. Mallard has just received the news that her husband has died in a railroad accident. Now, one would assume that the story would continueContinue reading “The Dichotomy of Marriage”

Freedom’s Tales

Two short and connected fables centered on the realm of nature and rule of law as spoken of by John Locke and William Wilberforce. Short Story #1- on Locke’s ‘Second Treatise on Government’ “Men being by Nature, all free, equal and independent…The only way whereby anyone devests himself of his Natural Liberty, and puts onContinue reading “Freedom’s Tales”

A Response to Ernest Jones’ ‘A Psycho-analytic Study of Hamlet’

My thoughts about his beliefs on the connection between Queen Gertrude and Prince Hamlet. (link to his essay: Ernest Jones’ argument for Hamlet is incredibly interesting and fascinating to read. The relationship between Queen Gertrude and Prince Hamlet is a peculiar one that people have spent centuries trying to better understand. Jones makes someContinue reading “A Response to Ernest Jones’ ‘A Psycho-analytic Study of Hamlet’”

The Duty of a Warrior

‘Beowulf’ is a story that dictates how a man and warrior should act when others are faced with a cruel enemy who breaks the codes of Germanic society. Beowulf is the hero of this story and yet logistically he is not one you would expect. Grendell is attacking the Danes in this story at theContinue reading “The Duty of a Warrior”

The Importance of Roles

How ‘A Thousand and One Nights’ disregards morals in its focus on citizens fulfilling the roles they are given, all through the exploration of four women in particular. Introduction In this essay, I will start by exploring the stories of the four girls and how they are viewed by the book and King Shahrayar. OnceContinue reading “The Importance of Roles”