Things Are Not As Dark As They May Seem

My thoughts on what’s happening politically in America right now.

This was not what I planned to write today, to be honest. I prefer to stay as far away from Politics as I can due to the fact that it is often a topic fueled by emotion, where people dig their trenches, hunker down, and start attacking the other side, refusing to give up the slightest bit of ground. Where people usually only see the other side as enemies to be hated and destroyed rather than people that can be negotiated and talked with. I’m also not a fan of confrontation which Politics is often rife with, leading to much dread from me whenever the topic is brought up. People often speak about Politics with a confidence and surety that I have honestly never felt myself- of course, much of this confidence and surety is mere adrenaline and pride rather than true experience or expertise when it come to the typical civilian, making me wish to avoid such discussions even more, haha.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that ones ideas and beliefs can change and evolve as time goes by due to a growth of knowledge and experience- yet so often in Politics, people are expected to dig their feet in the ground and are not allowed to move what with the fear of being seen as cowardly, weak, or faulty when they do. No thank you, that is definitely not my cup of tea- I am an everchanging person and am proud of that fact! So, when the idea to write on this topic came to mind this morning, I fought against it. No way was I going to enter a battlefield as controversial as the Roe v. Wade/Abortion debate. That is a dark and tense war that has been waged for decades with people on both sides feeling quite strong in their opinions and beliefs. Yet, thoughts kept pouring into my mind in regards to this topic, practically torturing me throughout my day at work and rarely letting up for long. So, I admit defeat here and tread carefully into this destructive war zone.

Now, regardless of your political stance, personal beliefs, class, gender, etc.. I would like to make the note that each side deserves to be listened to, that we must not forget the humanity that exists in all of us. The side that is different from yours is not filled with evil people who wish for nothing more than to destroy what you believe in completely. At the end of the day, we all seek to follow our own conscience and morals as best as we can and, as is human, do tend to get wrapped up in our pride, opinions, and emotions too much. But, we all just want what is best for this country and the people that live here, even if that perspective and view differs person to person, often times radically so.

Now, I direct this part towards those who are against the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Everything will be ok, ladies(and gentlemen who feel the same way, of course)- things are not as bad as you may think. The rights and privileges that you believe in have not been ruthlessly ripped away from you forever. While Roe v. Wade was a landmark court case, its dissolution does not mean that there is now no chance or recourse from this place. What has happened here is that, with Roe v. Wade being overturned, the right to an Abortion has shifted from a Federally mandated position to a State mandated one. Is this a big shift? Yes, but it is a part of the set up of this country. Your audience is now no longer the Federal Government when it comes to this topic, but is instead whatever state you live and reside in.

If you agreed with Roe v. Wade and wish to keep those same tenets in your life, then step forward and act. Write to your State Government, appeal to your local political leaders. Create a committee or group tasked with these goals and set out to make it so that your voice is heard. And if you do not like the path that your local political leaders are taking then make the steps for a recourse. Show your dissent through your words, actions, and ESPECIALLY your vote. The men and women in charge of your State Government are put there by citizens like you- your vote makes much more of a difference locally in your state than it ever does Federally. If you do not like or approve of your State Government Officials and their ideas or decisions, speak out. Find those that believe the same as you, speak to those around you in hopes of having them join your cause, and go to the voting box. State voting is horrifically low across the board; this is what needs to change if you want to protect and ensure the reality of your beliefs and ideas.

Yes, this may seem like it would be impossible or an uphill battle, but if you feel so passionately for your cause, what would you not be willing to give or do for it? This path has worked many, many times in the past and will continue to work if people only choose to take that first step. I promise that this decision is not the end of the road for you- that your government has not turned its back to you and ignored your voices. There is much more open to you than you think. A note to both sides: “Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”

As for my own beliefs? Personally, I am in favor of the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Not because I don’t think there should be laws regarding or allowing abortions- but because I don’t think the Supreme Court has the right to decide on such matters. When I was working to attain my Bachelor’s in History, I found out that I was more of a strict constitutionalist. I believe that the rights and responsibilities listed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are what should be followed. I strongly believe in the checks and balances that exist between the three branches of the US Government and in the roles and duties that each branch is to play. In regards to the Supreme Court, their primary role is to interpret the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is it; anything more would be a breach against the checks and balances that exist for our protection. In my studies for my Bachelors, I often found myself studying and reading up on the various court case decisions that the Supreme Court has made in the centuries since its foundation and something that I found interesting was that every decision they made had to be tied back in some way to a section or article of the Constitution or Bill of Rights- it is literally a requirement.

In regards to many of their decisions, though, the link has been tenuous and vague at best. This is the reality for Roe v. Wade. In all honesty, despite continual public approval for the decision, this court case decision was a breach on the checks and balances that keep the Supreme Court in its proper place. It gave them more power and authority that they truly have or need. Regardless of the topic, if the court case does not have a sensible and realistic tie-in to a part of the Constitution or Bill of Rights, than the Supreme Court has no right to decide anything on that topic. Instead, that is left up to the States and the People. Now, if the People wish for the Supreme Court to have such a say, then they need to push for a Constitutional Amendment. If such an Amendment is passed, then the Supreme Court can make decisions on that topic as much as they want- to their hearts content and I would happily accept them doing so. But, if the foundation is not there, the statue should not be built.

In regards to the topic of Abortion? I’ve always been slightly confused and lost on how heated this topic gets. From what I gather, due to the fact that it was passed during the time of Women’s Rights in the whole Civil Rights Era, I understand that many people(particularly women) equate the Court case with women’s rights. It has become a symbol for the cause for gender equality. But, it is truly not a requirement or essential support needed to keep women’s rights strong. If it is gone, women’s rights are not gone as well. I’ve seen post after post today where women state that they feel like this decision marks them as lesser or inferior. I promise that that is not the case. Abortion does not need to be the only signpost erected in the push for women’s right.

I personally believe that the support for abortion should shift over towards Birth Control. That is a much less controversial and turbulent debate. I think Abortion is too divisive a topic to ever find a true solution that can please both sides. To me, supporting Birth Control is the better path. It makes much more sense to push for prevention rather than elimination, at least it does to me. I think that if more people pushed to make Birth Control more readily available and attainable for women around the country no matter their circumstances, that Abortion would not even be an issue in the end because if you have birth control, why would you need an Abortion? In that situation, the only viable need for an abortion that I can see is if the mother’s health is at risk- which is a type of abortion that is much more easy to defend and be accepted than most others.

I digress though, and will stop rambling my thoughts as I quietly step back from this active warzone. These are just my thoughts and understandings regarding the current situation and topics before. I leave this here for your viewing to be accepted or ignored however you choose. I just needed to write this all out before I drove myself insane, haha!