The Chaos of the World

My thoughts on the problems that can be created and caused by humanity.

I wasn’t quite sure what I should write for my post today, what with the situation of the world right now. I don’t feel confident enough to talk about the events occurring in Ukraine right now, but I also don’t want to ignore the topic as that would be a disservice to those who have had their lives torn apart by it. I’ve been going back and forth between these two positions today until I finally came to a decision. I tend to not get involved in politics, simply because it typically leads to a dark and dim mindset for me, dragging me down in my daily life each time I step more into the area. I become more prone to anger, more ready to judge and hate those around me. It often brings me a false sense of control- as if the fact that by learning such things, I’m actually making a difference in any way. That is not the case, though.

I’ve met so many people in my life who immerse themselves in the news and find themselves led down such a path, their minds riveted on the chaos of the world, peace no longer existent for many of them. They scream fears about war, disease, death, and disaster, imagining that the end of days is upon us. They blame people in power for not acting soon enough, for being too light handed, even for being to harsh depending on each person’s stance and what perspective they are taking. They seek to place blame on people and every time something awful happens, they crow out sentence after sentence about destruction and darkness, as if believing that the louder they should, the more people will listen to them. But, that is not the case and rarely ever actually works. For, too often, the ears you are shouting towards have grown deaf to such words, disregarding them entirely.

It’s almost a thing of pride for many as they crow about their intelligence and understanding on whatever platform they have found, yet there is no one around to truly listen and believe their words. But, the opposite is also a slippery slope: this is often where I find myself falling in. The world is so chaotic and filled with darkness, issue after issue rearing up without giving the world a chance to breathe that many end up closing their eyes and covering their ears. They choose to turn their back and ignore what is going on- for what can one person do to stop the problem? What power does their voice even hold? I wonder this myself, often, when worldly catastrophe’s come knocking. Neither is a good side to take, really, but walking the middle line between both is near impossible. We are all only human after all and can only take so much darkness in our lives. We can try to create a balance between the two, upholding both the light and the dark, but many find that too hard and give up, picking one side or the other. Which are we: are we too quick to act or judge or are we too quick to give up and step away from the fight?

I am nowhere near an expert on the situation in Ukraine, in fact I find myself falling more towards the latter side spoke about in the question above in most situations and in this situation as well. That is a fault of mine. But I have never been a fan of contention and so that is the side that best matches my nature. Yet, I can’t help but feel sorrowful for those that, unlike me, are caught up in the middle of this situation for they have no choice: they are pulled into it all whether they want to be or not. I’m safe from all that, living thousands and thousands of miles away on a different continent, a different country, unlikely to ever truly be affected by the actions of Russia attacking Ukraine. Even as my country gets involved, the risk to me is minute.

This world has been stuck in a ‘long peace’ since the end of WWII, even with the Cold War continuing on. Despite the actions of Russia right now, I very much doubt that WWIII is upon us simply because of the nuclear deterrent and balance that exists. No nation wants to push that button first and so no one does and the world continues on. Yet, it is that surety that leads to nations like Russia acting up militaristically, confident that no one, not even the US, will take them on and risk such an avenue. Yet, that leaves Ukraine at their mercy simply because they neighbor Russia. The world wishes to step in and protect and help Ukraine, yet the consequences of such an act are too heavy. In the end, we are left with a nasty taste in our mouth, the majority of us relegated to powerless bystanders as the ‘bully’ attacks the child that can’t fight back.

The fact is that Russia has a history of picking on Ukraine due to their close borders. Ukraine was a part of the USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) for decades until the Ukrainians regained control of their nation when the Soviet Union fell apart. Yet, in the decades since, Russia has tried time and time again to regain control of the smaller nation, regardless of the wants and words of Ukraine and the rest of the world. It has left Ukraine in a metaphorical tug of war between nations more powerful than it. My heart aches at their situation, though there is not much that can be done. The only hope that I can see is based in precedent.

Though Russia has again and again managed to exhort control on Ukraine, they have never been able to keep it. Each time, sooner or later, they have faltered in their efforts and had to retreat. That is what I think will happen again here, it’s just terrible that it even has to happen in the first place. Yet, though we cannot stop the bully from acting in the first place, we can be there for the victim and help them in whatever ways we are able whether that is through words of support, petitioning against the violence, sending aid to them, or even retaliating against the bully. It is a fine line to walk to maintain the balance of the world, but it truly is better to walk it than to fall to either extreme and be lost in hate or surrender.