Casualties of WWII and the Effect of Nuclear Weapons

A short post today as it will be this entire week as I have COVID and am too tired and sick to muster up the energy to write long posts.

This is a really cool video/infographic I found a while back that I always find myself going back to when I am interested in this area of history. It is an almost 20 minute long video discussing the various military and civilian deaths of World War II from country to country, focusing on specific events and battles. It even goes into the effects of WWII on the future, specifically regarding Nuclear Weapons. I am blown away every time I watch it and thought I should share it here!

If you want to experience the interactive version of this video where you can pause and click on different options at your leisure, it is here at their website:

They also are creating a sequel web series under the full title of ‘The Shadow Peace’, but the first video for it is called ‘Estimating Deaths in a Nuclear War’ which is nearly 15 minutes long and explores the population of humanity and the effect that war and peace has on those numbers, specifically in regards to Nuclear Weapons starting with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and following the advancements and changes since then.

The interactive version of this video where you can pause and click around for in depth knowledge is also found on their website here:

Both are really cool to look at, study, and learn from! I love forward to seeing more episodes from this series in the future…