Poetry about Humanity and Religion

Each poem below was written for a class I took, each based on the poems of different literary figures like George Herbert, William Wordsworth, John Donne, and Christina Rosetti.

Poetry Composition’s Inspired by George Herbert’s Poem “Prayer I”

(link: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/44371/prayer-i)

Prayer: the appearance of Peace, the humble bow,
The Spirit descending below as the mouth speaks,
One heart filled with faith and love, hands folded in wait,
The bond growing stronger between the mortal and the Divine.


History, the book’s remembrance,
Wonderings of a people long since passed,
The past, a future’s true dependence,
The mind transcribed from experience’s vast,
Many philosophies celebrated with others forgot,
Decisions made, and consequences reaped,
Travesties abound while victories are sought,
Jewels worn and treasuries heaped,
Wars of religion alongside wars of men,
Lands explored with resources immense,
The event’s of the world put to pen,
Civilizations will rise as countries dispense,
Famine and destruction are caused,
Happiness spread as paintings are drawn,
The cycle of life and death never paused,
Explosion of words as knowledge is passed on.

Poetry Composition’s Inspired by George Herbert’s Poem “Peace”

(link: http://www.luminarium.org/sevenlit/herbert/peace.htm)

Sweet Peace, is found in the smile of a mother-
Who holds her newborn as she rocks them to sleep,
Is found in the service given from one to another,
And can be seen in those who carry His Light,
In those who seek to know their dear Father,
Who wish to join him in His kingdom on high.


The Holy Ghost: a quiet friend,
Who reaches out to help those in need,
To help us with the relationships we try to mend,
So that we may one day be freed,
Freed from the sin and death that keeps us chained,
He was given to us as a comfort,
From the blood of which we are all stained.
Yes, He was given to us by Christ,
In his last moments of life,
A gift to help us all that was heavily priced,
Through his moments of strife,
So that we may be redeemed from our demise,
He gave us our dear companion,
To free us so that from our sins we may rise.

Poetry Composition Inspired by John Donne’s Poem “Death, Be Not Proud”

(link: https://poets.org/poem/death-be-not-proud-holy-sonnet-10)

Charity, at its core, necessary and strong
Faith and hope, are partners in charity’s cause;
Some choose not to follow and instead live with their flaws,
As charity is the idea of forgetting yourself and looking beyond.
Charity, often seen as Christ’s example of pure love,
Is an sign that; if we follow, we will be more like Him above,
As helping others brings the love of God into our hearts,
Through charity we become great, without we stay small.
It is through charity that we can join God’s kingdom,
To be humble, to be kind, to be wise, to be strong,
To be servant’s of Christ and, through Him, endure forever
Which is better, to live with Christ or to live alone with your sins?
We must cleave to charity and follow Christ’s work,
Learn to love others and help them; then we become divine.

Poetry Composition Inspired by William Wordsworth’s poem “The World Is Too Much With Us”

(link: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/45564/the-world-is-too-much-with-us)

Too often we get stuck in the trivialities of life,
Working and sleeping, we push ourselves through the strife;-
Without realizing the mediocrity it brings;
We have devoted our minds and hearts to useless things!
The parents who spend hours at a desk for long stays;
The students who sit in class staring forward in a daze;
We are all stuck in our own Groundhog Day rotation;
One day after another, with no true sensation;
We have no true purpose. How can this be! Would they not rather be
Free to roam around the world how they want;
Staring out in excitement at their true reality,
To see the birds and the trees instead of being a savant;
To explore and live your life full of glee;
To focus on happiness rather than just be gaunt.

Poetry Composition Inspired by Christina Rosetti’s poem “St. Peter”

(link: https://www.poetrynook.com/poem/st-peter-2)

Often Christ states that we must come to him-
Come to him with a broken heart and contrite spirit.
I ask what this means as it seems a saying so grim.
Is a shattered and damaged heart near it?
Is a regretful and remorseful spirit singing a hymn?
A hymn of obedience, of sorrows, of pains,
Of hope to repair the broken life we have made.
Where we kneel at the feet of the One who reigns.
Who still reaches out with a path made of blood, paid:
Paid for at Gethsemane alone that dark night,
All so that when we fall we can still continue on,
Continue on down God’s sacred path, all alight.
Continue on with the blueprints that have been drawn,
Drawn lovingly by hands that hold such divine might.